Kodaira Sueto (小平季遠)

Sueto KODAIRA (year of birth and death unknown) was a busho (Japanese military commander) in the Sengoku period (period of Warring States), and served Suehiro KAKIZAKI as a senior vassal. His father was Suehisa KODAIRA (小平季久), his first son was Suenaga KODAIRA (小平季長) and his second son was Suetoki KODAIRA (小平季時).

Sueto KODAIRA was born in the Tsugaru Peninsula, and as his father served Suehiro KAKIZAKI as a senior vassal, he had served Suehiro KAKIZAKI as a close adviser since a very young age. Mostly, he was active in military affairs and became a senior vassal of the Kakizaki family. As his father Suehisa (季久) grew old and infirm, he carried on the family name, Kodaira.

Originally, the Kakizaki clan was under the control of the Ando clan, however, when Suehiro KAKIZAKI went on to become independent from the Ando clan, Sueto KODAIRA made a great contribution to the lord, Suehiro KAKIZAKI. Sueto was also active in stratagem, such as making Suetaka NANBU who was under the control of Chikasue ANDO betray to the enemy. Later, he took a daughter of Suehiro KAKIZAKI as his wife.

The years of his birth and death are unknown, but according to one theory, Sueto was killed by irate Suehiro KAKIZAKI, after the rumor spread that he promised secret communication to the Ando clan. Later, it became clear that Sueto didn't promise to communicate secretly with the Ando clan.