Machi Sukefuji (町資藤)

Sukefuji (Sukehisa?) MACHI (MACHI no?) (1366 - July 17 1409) was a Court noble during the early Muromachi period. His name was sometimes written as Sukefuji HINOMACHI. His family came from the Yanagiwara family, Hino line of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan and he was born as the second son of Tadamitsu YANAGIWARA, Gon Dainagon (provisional major counselor). He newly established the Machi clan. Shonii (Senior Second Rank) and Gon Dainagon. He became a priest and his homyo (a name given to a person who enters the Buddhist priesthood) was Shoko.

He was also a poet: his poem was selected for the Chokusen wakashu (anthology of Japanese poetry compiled by Imperial command) such as "Shinshoku Kokin Wakashu" (NEW Collection of Ancient and Modern Japanese Poetry Continued). His goeika (song in praise of the Buddha) was also selected to be included in the "Ninety Imperial Palace Songs."

In 1366


When he was born was unknown.

He was appointed to Kurodo no to (Head Chamberlain).

The year of the appointment was unknown.

He was also appointed as Udaiben (Major Controller of the Right) and To no ben (chief of officials at the dajokan).

The year of the appointment is unknown.

He left in the position of Kurodo no to.

It was on February 15, 1393.

He was transferred to Sangiin (the House of Councilors) and also appointed to Udaiben nyogen, Zo Todaiji chokan (the Director for the Construction of Todai-ji Temple) and Nagato Province.

It was on January 5, 1394.

He was promoted to Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank).

It was on June 28, 1395.

He was transferred to Gon Chunagon (a provisional vice-councilor of state).

It was on June 4, 1396.

He was promoted to Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank).

It was on January 31, 1398.

He was promoted Junii (Junior Second Rank).

It was on April 6, 1399.

He was appointed to Uemon no kami (Captain of the Right Division of Outer Palace Guards) as well as Assistant Steward and Gon Chunagon Nyogen.

In 1402

On January 3

He resigned from Uemon no kami and Assistant Steward but remained at the post of Gon Chunagon Nyogen.

On January 10

He was appointed to Dazaifu (Government Headquarters in Kyushu) as well as Gon Chunagon Nyogen.

It was on October 8, 1406.

He was transferred to Gon Dainagon (provisional major counselor).

It was on February 11, 1408.

He was promoted to Shonii (Senior Second Rank).

It was on July 26, 1409.

He passed away (at the age of 44).