Machi Sukemasa (町資将)

Sukemasa MACHI (MACHI no Sukemasa) (April 28, 1518 - November 18, 1555) was a Kugyo (top court official) during the mid Sengoku period (period of warring states) (Japan).
He was the head of the Machi family, under the Yanagiwara family of the Hino line of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan
His court rank was Shosanmi (Senior Third Rank) Gon Chunagon (a provisional vice-councilor of state). He became a priest and called his homyo (a name given to a person who enters the Buddhist priesthood) Shujaku (宗寂). Even though he was adopted from the Takatsuji family, since his child Atsumitsu YANAGIWARA (Masamitsu MACHI) inherited the Yanagiwara family, the family line ended, and became extinct.

He was the second son of his father, Akinaga TAKATSUJI, and his mother, the daughter of Hiromitsu MACHI. He became the heir of Hiromitsu MACHI, who had already died.

April 28, 1518:

He was born.

March 27, 1544:

He was appointed Sangi (councilor).

November 18, 1555:

He died.