Matsudaira Sukemasa (松平資昌)

Sukemasa MATSUDAIRA was the second lord of the Hamamatsu Domain, Totomi Province. Later, he became the first lord of the Miyazu Domain, Tango Province. He was the fourth generation of the Honjo Matsudaira family.

On November 3, 1744, he was born in Yoshida, Mikawa Province as the third son of Sukekuni MATSUDAIRA, the lord of the Mikawa-Yoshida Domain (later the first lord of the Hamamatsu Domain, Totomi Province). His father's adopted child Sukeyuki MATSUDAIRA died early as the heir, so he was appointed to the heir on March 12, 1747. In 1752, he succeeded to the family head and became the second lord of the Hamamatsu Domain due to his father's death.

He was transferred to the Miyazu Domain, Tango Province on January 25, 1759. However, he could not spearhead government affairs due to his delicate health, so he was retired by ceding the family head position to his adopted child Suketada MATSUDAIRA on December 22, 1761. He died on February 11, 1762. He was 19 years old.