Matsudaira Suketsugu (松平資承)

Suketsugu MATSUDAIRA was the third lord of the Miyazu Domain, Tango Province. He was the sixth generation of the Honjo Matsudaira family.

On December 8, 1749, he was born in Edo as the third son of Masaharu MATSUDAIRA, the third lord of the Okita Domain, Kazusa Province. Since Suketada MATSUDAIRA, the second lord of the Miyazu Domain, died in 1765, he succeeded to the family head and became the third lord of the Domain as Suketada's adopted child.

He was appointed to sojaban (an official in charge of the ceremonies) in February, 1776 and jisha-bugyo (magistrate of temples and shrines) on June 13, 1784 and served until December 22, 1786. For domain duties, rice price rose exceptionally due to the heavy damage by the Tenmei Famine, many people died from starvation, and it was described as 'it was the indescribable year of strained circumstances' in the old record.

He ceded the family head position to his second son Munetada on December 27, 1795. He died in Edo on October 6, 1800. He was 52 years old.