Tachibana no Yoshiko (橘義子)

TACHIBANA no Yoshiko (year of birth and death unknown) was a nyogo (a high-ranking lady in the court and a consort to the emperor) of Emperor Uda. Her father was Sangi (councilor) TACHIBANA no Hiromi. Her brothers included TACHIBANA no Kinmune, TACHIBANA no Kintane (公胤), TACHIBANA no Kimimoro (公諸), TACHIBANA no Kimisai (公材), TACHIBANA no Kimihiko (公彦), TACHIBANA no Kimiyori, and TACHIBANA no Kinyasu. Yoshiko was the mother of Imperial Prince Tokinaka, Cloistered Imperial Prince Shinjaku, Imperial Prince Tokikuni, and Imperial Princess Kimiko, who was also a Sai-in (an Imperial Princess appointed to serve the deities of the Kamo-jinja Shrines).

She became a wife of MINAMOTO no Sadami (who later became Emperor Uda) at a young age, and became a koi (a lady in waiting in the court) after the accession of Emperor Uda in 888, and was allowed to use kinjiki (literally, "forbidden colors," seven colors traditionally reserved for the imperial family and nobility). Yoshiko also received an Imperial letter of appointment to nyogo in 893 and was given the rank of Jushii (Junior Fourth Rank) in 896.