Taira no Arimori (平有盛)

TAIRA no Arimori was a busho (a Japanese military commander) lived during the end of Heian period. He was the forth son of TAIRA no Shigemori. His mother was FUJIWARA no Keishi (the forth daughter of FUJIWARA no Ienari), the legal wife of Shigemori. His official court rank was Jushiinoge (Junior Fourth Rank, Lower Grade) and Ukonoe no Gon no shosho (Provisional Minor Captain of the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards).

Accompanying his paternal half-brother TAIRA no Sukemori, he participated in the Battle of Mikusayama. After being defeated by MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune, they evacuated to the headquarters of the Heike clan in the Yashima peninsula. In the end, he drowned himself in the sea with Sukemori and his cousin TAIRA no Yukimori, hand in hand, in the Battle of Dannoura. He was 22-year-old at the time.


In the Amami Islands, there is folklore of fleeing Heike warriors saying that Sukemori, Yukimori and Arimori fled to the islands. Yukimori-jinja Shrine, Arimori-jinja Shrine and Ochon-jinja Shrine are dedicated to Yukimori, Arimori and Sukemori respectively, all of which are designated as Important intangible folk cultural assets. Shodon-Shibaya' (traditional dance and play that have been handed down in Shodon Village) and other customs still survive.

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