Taira no Moritsuna (also known as Takahashi saemon no jo) (平盛綱 (高橋左衛門尉))

TAIRA no Moritsuna (dates of birth and death unknown) is a busho (Japanese military commander) during the end of Heian period. He is said to have been a son of either TAIRA no Morikuni or TAIRA no Moritoshi who was Morikuni's son.

He served TAIRA no Kiyomori with Morikuni etc., and in 1174, under the 'Morikuni's special award,' he was appointed Sahyoe no jo, central secretariat officer in 1175, and the manager of the Bureau of Imperial Mews in 1178. "Sankaiki" says that he was a Saemon no jo (third-ranked officer of the left division of outer palace guards) in 1180. He also served as Kokushi of Sanuki province and called himself Takahashi.

In 1181, he took part in the Battle of Sunomatagawa as one of the samurai daisho (a warrior who gives the order of battle and maneuvers to the troops) of the Taira family. He became renowned for killing one of enemy generals, Gien. He seems to have also taken part in the fight to track down and kill MINAMOTO no Yoshinaka, but the place where he died is unknown.