Taira no Tomoakira (平知章)

TAIRA no Tomoakira (1169 - March 20, 1184) was the oldest son of TAIRA no Tomomori. His mother was Jibukyo no tsubone, a court-lady serving Imperial Prince Hachijyoin Akiko. His official court rank was Jugoinojo (Junior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade), Samanokami (Captain of Samaryo [Left Division of Bureau of Horses]) and Musashi no kuni no kami (Governor of Musashi Province). He was renowned for his superhuman strength.

In 1183, leaving the capital along with the Taira clan, he took refuge in the Saikai (provinces on the western seacoast). In the Battle of Ichinotani broke out in February 1184, he fought against the troops belonging to the Minamoto clan that were commanded by MINAMOTO no Yoshitsune, with his father Tomomori. According to the chapter titled 'Tomoakira no saigo' (The End of Tomoakira) of "Heike Monogatari" (The Tale of the Heike), Tomoakira, his father Tomomori and their retainer kenmotsu (inspector of the transfer into and from ware houses of the Court) Yorikata were put to flight on horseback amid the debacle of their whole army. Caught up by the Kodama party belonging to the Genji clan after reaching the seashore, they were forced to fight against the party. Noticing that Tomomori was tackled by the head of Kodama party, he squeezed himself into the two and killed the head. However, Tomoakira was killed by samurai warriors around him. He died at the age of sixteen.