Takamuko no Kuromaro (高向玄理)

TAKAMUKO no Kuromaro (year of birth unknown - 654) was a scholar in the Asuka period. The Takamuko clan was a descendant of immigrants who claimed to be a descent of Cao Cao from the Wei dynasty (during the Three Kingdoms period in China). He was a son of TAKAMUKO no Furutari (古足). His kabane (hereditary title) was Fuhito (TAKAMURO no Fuhito).

He accompanied ONO no Imoko, a Japanese envoy to the Sui dynasty of China to study as an international student in 608 and then returned to Japan along with MINABUCHI no Shoan. After the Taika Reforms, he was appointed to Kunihakase (political advisers to establish systems imported from the Tang dynasty of China) for a new government along with Min, a Buddhist monk. He went to Shilla as a Japanese envoy for negotiation to ask for a hostage in exchange for abolishing 'taxation from Mimana,' and then took Buretsuo, Prince of Shilla to Japan with him. He established Hassho hyakkan (system of administrative organizations and government officials). He went to Tan as the head of Japanese envoys to the Tang dynasty of China but died abroad in Changan.

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