Takata no Niinomi (高田新家)

TAKATA no Niinomi (year of birth unknown - September 12, 703?) is a historical figure who lived during Japan's Asuka period. His name is pronounced "TAKATA no Nihinomi" in the old Japanese kana syllabary. His Kabane (hereditary title) is Obito. In Jinshin War of 672, in Suzuka County, Ise Province, he greeted Prince Oama (Emperor Tenmu) who was heading east. In 685, he built Angu (temporary palace) for Emperor Tenmu in Shinano Province. He was awarded Jugoinojo (Junior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade).


When Jinshin War broke out, TAKATA no Niinomi was Syuto in Mino Province. Prince Oama who rose up in arms ordered to gather the soldiers in Mino Province and he left Yoshino no Miya in Yamato province to move east on 24th. On 25th, in Suzuka County, Ise Province, he was greeted by Ise no Kami (Governor of Ise) MIYAKE no Iwatoko, Suke (assistant governor) MIWA no Kobito, and Yunonagashi (manager of imperial territories) TANAKA no Tarimaro and TAKATA no Niinomi. TAKATA no Niinomi accompanied Prince Oama to Mino Province.

The article in 704 of Mui no Obitona, as mentioned later, says that TAKATA no Niinomi was given 40 fuko (a vassal household alotted to courtier, shrines and temples) for his achievement after the war.

In November 14, 685, TAKATA no Niinomi built Angu (temporary palace) with KARUBE no Tarise and ARATAO no Maro in Shinano Province. However, the Angu was never used.

In September 12, 703, TAKATA no Obito Niinomi, Shorokuinojo (Senior Sixth Rank, Upper Grade) was awarded Jugoinojo (Junior Fifth Rank, Upper Grade) for his contributions made in the year of Jinshin (Mizunoe-Saru, one of the Oriental Zodiac). It is assumed that he died on this day or in the near term before the day.

In August 30, 704, a quarter of the 40 fuko was handed over to his son Mui no Obitona.

Conjecture on the title of TAKATA no Niinomi, "Syuto in Mino Province"

"Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan) described the reception of TAKATA no Niinomi in Suzuka County during Jinshin War, but his title was not written. The idea that TAKATA no Niinomi was Syuto in Mino Province is a conjecture from the article of November 28, 763 (old lunar calendar) of "Shoku Nihongi" (Chronicle of Japan Continued). According to the article, with the story that TAKATA no Tarito was jailed for a charge and his fuko were confiscated, it is said that Tarito's grandfather was Syuto in Mino Province and he devoted Koga (horse for the Emperor, the word can also imply the Emperor itself) by his own horse to Mino and Owari Provinces, then the Emperor praised his behavior, gave him fuko and let him hand them down to his children. Because the name of his grandfather was not written, it is not sure, but it is believed that the grandfather is TAKATA no Niinomi and TAKATA no Tarito is the child of Obitona.

It is said that the character of Syuto in Mino Province as referred here is that of the post about Yunonagashi for Prince Oama.