Tami no Ohi (民大火)

TAMI no Ohi (year of birth unknown - September 12, 703?) was a person of the Asuka era. The reading according to the old Japanese syllabary character is 'Taminoohohi'. His Kabane (hereditary title) was Atai, then Muraji, and after that Imiki. In the Jinshin War, in 627, TAMI no Ohi was a retainer of Prince Takechi, who took sides with Prince Oama (Emperor Tenmu), and he made an escape from the capital. He attained the rank of Shogoinojo (the fifth rank, upper grade).

The TAMI clan was decended from toraijin (settlers from overseas) and belonged to the Yamatonoaya clan. When the Jinshin War broke out, it seemed that TAMI no Ohi was in Omi palace. After finding out that Prince Oama raised an army, his son, Prince Takechi made an escape from Otsukyo, and when he went through the Kafuka area on July 28, 672 and joined up with Prince Oama's group in Tsumue yamaguchi, AKASOME no Tokotari, OKURA no Hirosumi, SAKANOUE no Kunimaro, FURUICHI no Kuromaro, TAKEDA no Daitoku and IKAGO no Ahe were following the prince. It is presumed that Kafuka area is present day Koga County, Omi Province. It is presumed that Tsumue yamaguchi later became Tsuge no go (Tsuge township), Ae County, Iga Province (now Tsuge, Iga City). In those days, it belonged to Ise Province.

YAMATO no Ayano Atai attained Kabane of Muraji on June 29, 682. YAMATO no Muraji attained Kabane of Imiki on July 29, 685. The TAMI clan, which belonged to YAMATO no Ayano, also changed their Kabane due to this event.

On September 12, 703, Jugoinoge (the junior fifth rank, lower grade) TAMI no Imiki Ohi attained the rank of Shogoinojo and was sent an envoy who delivered a memorial gift. It is assumed that he died on this day or perhaps few days earlier.