Tomo no Kowamine (伴健岑)

TOMO no Kowamine (birth and death year unknown) was a government officer (especially one of low to medium rank) of the early Heian Period. He was the member of the Otomo clan. He was the son of OTOMO no Naomi, who was employed at the Hyoe-fu (Headquarters of the Middle Palace Guards).

He was the Tachihaki no toneri (bodyguard of the crown prince) of the Imperial Prince Tsunesada, who was the imperial child of Emperor Junna and the crown prince of Emperor Ninmyo, but was captured along with TACHIBANA no Hayanari after the death of the retired emperor for causing a rebellion while Emperor Saga was heavily ill in 842 (the Jowa Incident). As a result, Imperial Prince Tsunesada was dismissed from the crown prince position, and Imperial Prince Michiyasu (later Emperor Montoku) was assigned as the crown prince while Kowamine was exiled to Oki Province. He planned to return to Kyoto in 865 after being pardoned but was faced with a demotion transfer to Izumo Province just immediately before it (details are uncertain).