Tomo no Kunimichi (伴国道)

TOMO no Kunimichi (768 - 828) was a court noble, who lived during the early Heian Period. He was the son of OTOMO no Tsuguhito.
He was the father of TOMO no Yoshio

In 785, the involvement of his father, Tsuguhito, in the assassination of FUJIWARA no Tanetsugu also implicated his involvement, and he was also deported to Sado Province. As Kunimichi was an intelligent and excellent person, Sado no kuni no kami (Governor of Sado Province) gave him a special treatment, respecting him as his master and friend, counting on his assistance in the administration. In 803, when the decree of pardon was issued, he returned to Kyoto.

He achieved great performance while he was holding the positions of naikan (a government official who resides in Kyoto) and gekan (local government official), and then he was raised to Jushiinojo (Junior Fourth Rank, Higher Grade) and was appointed Sangi (councilor).

In 823, he changed his family name from 'Otomo' to 'Tomo,' because the then emperor, Emperor Junna's personal name was coincidentally 'Otomo.'

In 828, he was appointed Azechi (inspector of the provincial government) of Mutsu, and died in Mutsu Province.