Tadahide MATSUDAIRA (the heir of Kameyama Domain) (松平忠栄 (亀山藩嫡子))

Tadahide MATSUDAIRA (1640 - year of death unknown) lived in the Edo period. He was the heir of Tanba-Kameyama Domain, Tanba Province.

He was the fifth son of Tadakuni MATSUDAIRA (the lord of Akashi Domain, Harima Province). His mother was a daughter of Ujikane TODA. His official court rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), Zusho no kami (Director of the Bureau of Drawings and Books).

As his cousin Tadatoshi MATSUDAIRA died at an early age, he was adopted to his uncle Tadaharu MATSUDAIRA, the lord of Tanba-Kameyama Domain, in 1659. He met Ietsuna TOKUGAWA and was comfirmed as the successor of the family, however, he was disinherited in 1666. Instead of him, Tadaaki MATSUDAIRA (the Fujii-Matsudaira family), the second son of Tadaharu, became the heir and took over the family.