Hirohata Tadayuki (広幡忠幸)

Tadayuki HIROHATA (1622 - December 9, 1669) was a court noble in the Edo period. He was the third son of Imperial Prince Hachijonomiya Toshihito. His mother was Tsuneko KYOGOKU, a daughter of Takatomo KYOGOKU, the governor of Tango Province. As a child, he was called "Yukimaru." He was commonly called "Sannomiya" (literally, the third prince). He rose to Senior Third Rank and served as the Dainagon (Chief Councilor of State).

On December 11, 1649, the shogunate, or bakufu, allowed him to marry Kyohime (Princess Kyo), a daughter of Yoshinao TOKUGAWA, the lord of the Owari domain. He was then adopted by Yoshinao TOKUGAWA. On January 3, 1650, he had his "kakan-no-gi" (literally, "cap wearing ceremony") coming-of-age ceremony. On February 9 of the same year, he left Kyoto for Nagoya, arriving on February 13. From that day on, he lived in Nagoya Castle. On February 28 of the same year, he married Kyohime. Then, he was granted 3000-koku (a unit of the volume) of Kyorokumai (rice given to help the poor).

In April 1660, he went to the capital (Kyoto) and pleaded with the imperial court to allow him to restore the past glory of the Matsudono family and to become a court noble. On the other hand, he was advised by his full brother, Imperial Prince Toshitada, to become a member of the imperial family. On November 11, 1663, the bakufu permitted him to found a new court noble family, which became one of the high-ranking Seigake families. On December 9 of the same year, he was awarded the Yago (family name) of "Hirohata" by both the bakufu and imperial court. On the 2nd of May, 1665, he was awarded Junior Third Rank, and on May 11, appointed Sachujo (Middle Captain of the Left Division of Inner Palace Guards). Later, he rose to Senior Third Rank and was promoted to the post of Dainagon. On the 20th of May of the same year, he left Nagoya for Kyoto. On March 16, 1667, he was awarded 1000-koku mainly from Gamo Country, Omi Province. On October 16, 1669, he died. He was 48 yeard old.

Sons and daughters
He had five daughters by his legal wife, Kyohime. After Tadayuki died, all of his daughters except his first were adopted by Mitsutomo TOKUGAWA, Kyohime's elder brother.

Biological children
Nigimi: became a wife of Tsunanari TOKUGAWA, who was a legitimate child of Mitsutomo.

Sadahime (Princess Sada): became a wife of Yorimoto ARIMA. Tomohime (Princess Tomo): became a wife of Nobutake ODA. Sonohime (Princess Sono): was adopted by Nagaakira ASANO and married Nagateru ASANO from an Asano branch family.

Kiyohime (Princess Kiyo): became the second wife of Nobutake ODA after her elder sister Tomohime died.

Adopted child
Toyotada HIROHATA: his father was Michina KOGA and his mother was a daughter of Kinmitsu SAIONJI.