Sakai Tadayuki (酒井忠行)

Tadayuki SAKAI was a daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) in the early Edo Period. He became the lord of the Itabana domain in the Kozuke Province first, and then the third lord of the Umayabashi domain in the same province. The third load of the Sakai family, the Utano kami line.


He was born in 1599, as the heir of Tadayo SAKAI. His childhood name was Manchiyo. He served the Tokugawa clan along with his father Tadayo, who was the bodyguard of the seii taishogun (literally, "great general who subdues the barbarians") Hidetada TOKUGAWA, and joined his first battle in October 1614 at the Osaka Fuyu no Jin (Winter Siege of Osaka, also known as the Siege of Osaka). In January 1615, he was appointed as the Jugoi (Junior Fifth Rank) in the Awa Province, and distinguished himself at the Osaka Natsu no Jin (Summer Siege of Osaka) in April. In 1623, he became an official in charge of the ceremonies at the western citadel of a castle and was granted a shoryo (territory) of 20,000 koku in the Itabana domain in the Kozuke Province. In 1627, he accompanied Hidetada TOKUGAWA, an ogosho (leading or influential figure) who resigned from the position of shogun, and Iemitsu TOKUGAWA (Hidetada and Iemitsu were father and son) and went to Kyoto. He then performed the role of liaison when welcoming Emperor Gomizunoo to the Nijo-jo Castle. As a representative for Hidetada, he visited Nikko Toshogu Shrine in 1631.

After the death of Hidetada in 1632, Tadayuki was appointed as an official in charge of the ceremonies at the inner citadel of a castle and served shogun Iemitsu. The Nishinomaru-yashiki residence (residence district of the Retired Shogun [an influential figure] and the next Shogun) where Hidetada used to live was given to Tadayo SAKAI. When Tadayo moved to the Nishinomaru-yashiki from the 土橋口屋敷 in the Edo-jo Castle, Tadayuki moved to 土橋口 from 大橋外屋敷. In 1633, along with a series of measures and the policy that were performed as a part of the rule of the new reign of the new monarch by Iemitsu, Tadayuki was given an additional 10,000 koku. In July 1634, Nishinomaru-yashiki residence was totally destroyed by fire while Iemitsu was in Kyoto. Tadayuki, along with his father Tadayo who was a position in charge of the Nishinomaru (western districts) of Edo castle, suspended his service.

While Tadayo resigned from the first on the list of the close associates of Shogun due to the totally burn down of the Nishinomaru, Tadayuki once again obtained the position of sosha (a person in charge of informing a shogun or daimyo of the name of visitors to the residence before a meeting). In March 1636, Tadayuki took over as the head of the family when Tadayo died, and inherited the property inheritance in the Maebashi Domain. The total of his shoryo (fief) was 152,500 koku including the landholdings given to a legitimate son who doesn't succeed to an inheritance yet. After that, he established a position of bugyo (magistrate) with the aim of conducting stable domain duties, but he also fell sick and died on December 13, 1636, at the age of 37. It is said that he had a stomach disorder. The family estate was taken over by his eldest son, Tadakiyo.