Madenokoji Takafusa (万里小路孝房)

Takafusa MADENOKOJI (November 13, 1592 - May 5, 1617) was a court noble in the Edo period.

He was the fourteenth head of the Madenokoji family, a branch of the Kanroji family from the Takafuji line of the Northern House of the Fujiwara Clan, one of "Tosho-ke" (noble families allowed to access the imperial court) and a Meika (upper class noble family).

He was a son of Atsufusa MADENOKOJI, the Gon-Dainagon (Provisional Major Counselor). His mother was a daughter of Nobunaga ODA. His wife was a daughter of Shigekichi HASEGAWA, the Uemon-no-jo (the third ranked official of the Right Division of Outer Palace Guards, a nominal post granted by the imperial court), who was actually a Hatamoto (direct retainer of the shogun) and served as Nagasaki bugyo (Nagasaki magistrate). His own sons included Tsunafusa MADENOKOJI, who served as Kurodo-no-to (Head Chamberlain) and Udaiben (Major Controller of the Right), and Yorinari HAMURO, the Gon-Dainagon (who was adopted by Hyobu-gonno-shobu (Assistant Minister of War) Yoritaka HAMURO).

On January 12, 1613, he was appointed Sangi (councilor). The highest rank he reached was Jusanmi (Junior Third Rank).

On February 21, 1617, as an imperial envoy, he awarded Ieyasu TOKUGAWA the posthumous Shingo (literally, the name of a Shinto deity) "Tosho Daigongen."