Kyogoku Takahiro (京極高広)

Takahiro KYOGOKU was the second lord of Miyazu Domain in the Tango Province.

Takahiro was born in 1599 at Fushimi as the son of the first lord of Miyazu Domain, Takatomo KYOGOKU.
In 1622, upon the death of his father, he took over the head of the Tango-Kyogoku family and 78,200 koku of the 123,000 koku of his father's property inheritance. (10,000-koku=approximately 1.8 million liters of crop yield)
In fulfilling his duties, he served to establish a domain administration by renovating and expanding the castle and castle town. However, his misruling caused the farmers living in the domain to escape to other domains in 1654. On June 8 of the same year, he turned over control of the family to his son, Takakuni KYOGOKU, changed his name to Anchikendogu, and moved to present day Anchi, Miyazu City with 10,000 koku as his retirement stipend.

However, he continued to intervene in domain administration, causing a conflict with Takakuni. The conflict led to the family being deprived of Miyazu Domain on June 5, 1666. Thereafter, he remained in Okazaki, Kyoto City, and died on May 23, 1677. Age at death: 79.