Kyogoku Takakage (京極高景)

Takakage KYOGOKU (1811 - September 2, 1863) was the 10th hereditary domain head of the Mineyama Domain in Tango Province.

He was the sixth son of Tadayori MATSUDAIRA, the lord of Shimabara Domain in Hizen Province. His lawful wife was the daughter of Hiromune YAMAGUCHI. His eldest son was Takatomi KYOGOKU. His court rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade),Ukon no jo (Lieutenant of the Right Division of Inner Palace Guards).

His childhood name was Takinoshin. As adoptive heir, Takakage inherited the domain lordship upon the death of the predecessor (Takatsune KYOGOKU) in 1834. However, many died of starvation during the Great Tenpo Era Famine and suffered with the commercially due to Tenpo era reforms etc. leading to problems in effectively ruling the domain. On March 30, 1849 he assigned his leadership of the domain to Takatomi (his eldest son) and retired. He died in Edo on September 2, 1863. He died at the age of 53.
Posthumous Buddhist name: Seitokuin Gyoyo Takakage Dogen
Gravesite: Antaizan Joryu-ji Temple in Yoshiwara, Mineyama-cho, Tango City, Kyoto Prefecture.