Kyogoku Takakazu (京極高和)

Takakazu KYOGOKU (April 24, 1619 - October 24, 1662) was the head of Kyogoku clan, tozama daimyo (nonhereditary feudal lord), in the early Edo period. He was the lord of Tatsuno domain of the Harima Province and the first lord of Marugame domain of the Sanuki Province. He was the third generation of the Kyogoku family of Marugame domain.

He was the oldest son of Takamasa ANGE (the younger brother of Tadataka KYOGOKU, the head of Kyogoku clan). His lawful wife was Ichiko, Takatsugu TODO's daughter. His children were Takatoyo KYOGOKU (the second son), Aguri (Yoshizane SO's lawful wife), and Miyako (Kinnori IMADEGAWA's wife). Children of his lawful wife were Aguri, the oldest son Koboshi who died young, and the second daughter Kumako. Child of his concubine, Fusako, was the second son Takatoyo. Child of his concubine of Kumagai clan, was Miyako. His childhood name was Koboshi. His official rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), Gyobushoyu (deputy minister of Justice department).


He was born on April 24, 1619. He had Jonin (investiture) in 1631. Since his uncle Tadataka, who was the head of Matsue domain, 260,000 koku (approximately 46.8 million liters of crop yield), died without any legitimate child in 1637, he was adopted on his deathbed and his territory was diminished to 60,000 koku (approximately 10.8 million liters of crop yield), Tatsuno domain of the Harima Province. He was transferred to Marugame domain of the Sakuki Province, 50,000 koku (approximately 9 million liters of crop yield) and Aboshi, Ibo County of Harima Province, 10,000 koku (approximately 1.8 million liters of crop yield), total of 60,000 koku (approximately 10.8 million liters of crop yield) in 1658.

He had kanjo (ceremonial transfer of a divided tutelary deity to a new location) Kotohira-gu Shrine, that was widely believed and located in Sanuki Province, to domain's residence in Mita of Edo in 1660. Then, in order to respond to Edo people's wish to visit the shrine to pray, he had Edo people visit the shrine to pray by opening the residence to the public on 10th every month. Also, he completed the keep tower of Marugame-jo Castle in this year.

He died at the age of 44 in Kyoto in 1662 and was sent homyo (a name given to a person who enters the Buddhist priesthood) of Tokugenin Jiei Itatsu Daikoji. His grave is located in Tokugenin Temple in Santo Town, Sakata County, Shiga Prefecture. His successor was his second son Takatoyo.

The popular theory was that Takakazu was the nephew of Tadataka, the former family head. However, there was the heresy that Tadataka reported the male child born between Tadataka and his concubine as 'nephew' in order to avoid the attention of his lawful wife Hatsuhime and her family home, Tokugawa family.