Kyogoku Takamasa (京極高備)

Takamasa KYOGOKU (June 8, 1757-May 29, 1835) was the seventh lord of Mineyama Domain in Tango Province.

He was the oldest son of the sixth lord of the domain, Takahisa KYOGOKU. His mother was a daughter of Toshikiyo KINOSHITA. His lawful wife was a daughter of Katsumasa HIJIKATA and his second wife was a daughter of Yasutake HONDA. His children included Takayasu KYOGOKU (first son), Takatoshi KYOGOKU (second son), Takamasu KYOGOKU (fifth son), Takatsune KYOGOKU (seventh son), and a daughter (who became Naokata KURODA's second wife and later, Hiromune YAMAGUCHI's lawful wife). His official court rank and title was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), Suo no kuni no Kami (Governor of Suo Province).

He was born in Edo on June 8, 1757. His childhood name was Sennosuke. When his father became a wakadoshiyori (a managerial position in Edo bakufu) to serve the shogunate government in 1788, Takamasa took the position to preside the administration of the domain. In 1808 when his father died, he succeeded to his father to take over the position of the family head. After he served as Oban-gashira (a captain of the Great Guards of the shogunate government), he was appointed as a wakadoshiyori in March, 1812 and since then participated in the shogunate government. In the administration of his own domain, he made efforts in land surveys and regulation of shrines and temples. Although he transferred the headship of the family to his fifth son, Takamasu and went into retirement on December 11, 1832, Takamasu died soon after the succession and as one misfortune followed another, his seventh son, Takatsune, soon after succeeding to Takamasu, also predeceased his father Takamasa. Takamasa had an unhappy life in his later years and died on May 29, 1835. He died at the age of 79. His tomb is in Jyoryu-ji Temple on Mt. Antai located in Yoshiwara, Kyotango City, Kyoto Prefecture.