Kyogoku Takamasu (京極高倍)

Takamasu KYOGOKU (1808-January 14, 1834) was the eighth lord of Mineyama Domain in Tango Province.

He was the fifth son of Takamasa KYOGOKU, the seventh lord of the domain. His official court rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and he was the Governor of Bizen Province.

His childhood name was Manzo. His oldest brother, Takayasu KYOGOKU and his second oldest brother Takatoshi KYOGOKU died early and the third and forth oldest brothers were adopted into other families. Therefore, although he was the fifth son, he succeeded to the family name and became the lord of the Domain on December 11, 1832 when his father retired. However, on January 14, 1834, he died early at the age of 26, having reigned for just over a year. Since he had no legitimate son, his younger brother Takatsune KYOGOKU succeeded to the family name. His posthumous Buddhist name: Tokushoinkoyowajundoyu.