Kyogoku Takamitsu (京極高三)

Takamitsu KYOGOKU was the first lord of the Tanabe Domain of Tango Province (Maizuru han). The Kyogoku clan. The descendant of Doyo KYOGOKU. The founder of the Kyogoku family of the Toyooka Domain.

On April 13, 1607, Takamitsu was born the third son of Takatomo KYOGOKU, the lord of Tango Province, in Tango Tanabe Castle. In 1611, Takamitsu had an audience with Ogosho (the leading figure) Ieyasu TOKUGAWA and the second Shogun Hidetada TOKUGAWA in Nijo-jo Castle in Kyoto.

After the passing of his father Takatomo in 1622, it was decided that Takatomo's shoryo (territory) be divided among his three sons and Takamitsu inherited Kasa County with 35,000 koku becoming the founding lord of the Tanabe Domain (Maizuru han). Takamitsu died on October 11, 1636. He was died at 30. Takanao, the eldest son of Takamitsu, succeeded the father's station. Afterwards, the Kyogoku family changed territory to Toyooka during the generation of Takamitsu's grandchildren, but the descendants of Tomishige MAKINO the husband of Takamitsu's daughter inherited the Maizuru Domain.