Kikuchi Takamori (菊池隆盛)

Takamori KIKUCHI was a Japanese military commander who lived during the Kamakura period. He was a member of the Kikuchi family.

Some literatures describe that he was the 11th head of the Kikuchi clan. Although the family genealogy showed that he was the first son of Takefusa KIKUCHI, there is another theory that his parents were Takemori KIKUCHI and the daughter of Nyudo SATOMI (Monk Satomi). Although he moved from the Kyushu region to Joshu, northwestern part of the Kanto region, it is considered that he moved due to cooperation of the Nitta clan even though the reason why he moved is uncertain because any literature had no description about it.

In between present-day Kitasengi-cho and Minamisengi-cho, Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture, there is Senbongi-jinja Shrine which was named after Kikuchi senbon-yari (a thousand spears of the Kikuchi clan).