Kyogoku Takamori (京極高盛)

Takamori KYOGOKU (September 22, 1650 - March 11, 1709) was the third lord of Tanabe Domain of Tango Province. He was the first lord of Toyooka Domain of the Tajima Province. He was the third head of the Kyogoku Family, Domain of Toyooka.

He was the eldest son of Takanao KYOGOKU, the second lord of Tanabe Domain. His mother was a daughter of Tadayoshi MIZUNO. He had no lawful wife. His official rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade). He was the governor of Ise Province.

On September 22, 1650, he was born in the Edo-Mukoyanagihara residence. Childhood names was Rokumaru. In 1663, he succeeded to the family on his father's death. At that time, he allocated 2000 goku crop yield to his younger brother Takakado KYOGOKU. On May 3, 1668, he was transferred from Tanabe Domain to Toyooka Domain. However, on March 18, 1674, he was retired letting succeed the headship of the family to his younger brother Takasumi KYOGOKU, who was his adopted heir since 1667 because he was physically weak by nature.

On March 11, 1709, he passed away at the age of 60. Posthumous Buddhist name: Yorininden Shozandokaku Daikoji. Grave: Zuitai-ji Temple, Mukogaoka, Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo.