Kyogoku Takanao (京極高直)

Takanao KYOGOKU (January 1, 1633 - February 14, 1663) was the second lord of Tanabe Domain of Tango Province. He was the second head of the Kyogoku family, Toyooka clan.

He was the first son of Takamitsu KYOGOKU, who was the first lord of domain. His mother was a daughter of Tadakiyo MIZUNO. His lawful wife was a daughter of Tadayoshi MIZUNO. His children include Takamori KYOGOKU (the eldest son), Takamoto KYOGOKU (the second son), Takakado KYOGOKU (the third son), Takasumi KYOGOKU (the fourth son), Takasato KYOGOKU (the sixth son), and Takasada KYOGOKU (the seventh son), and a daughter (lawful wife of Nagatake MORI). His official court rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), Hida no kuni no Kami (Governor of Hida Province).

He was born in January 1, 1633. His childhood name was Rokumaru. His original name was Takaoki. He was succeeded as the head of family after his father's death in 1636. In 1647, he put his efforts into fushin (construction) of Zojo-ji Temple in Edo and construction repairs of Edo-jo Castle. In 1654, he fought against Takahiro KYOGOKU of Miyazu Domain, the neighboring domain, over a border of domains. Although Takanao and Takahiro were from same clan, they were on bad terms with each other. As for domain duties, Takanao put effort into reinforcement of control over goson (a self-governing village).

He died at premature age of 32, in February 14, 1663. At the time, five vassals followed Takanao to the grave when Takanao died. This may be an evidence of how much Takanao had valued vassals, but four months after Takanao's death, bakufu issued the ban on self-immolation of an attendant on the death of his lord, as the self-immolation and self-immolations so far were regarded as a problem. Hogo (a Buddhist name): Hoshoinden shinkakudoho Daizen Jomon. The eldest son, Takamori, had took over as the head of family.