Kuki Takanobu (九鬼隆寛)

Takanobu KUKI (1700 to June 19, 1786) was the fourth lord of Ayabe Domain, Tanba Province.

He was the third son of Masachika TATEBE, who was the lord of Hayashida Domain, Harima Province. His mother was a daughter of Michifusa KONO (河野通房). His lawful wife was a daughter of Naokuni KURODA. His children were Takayasu KUKI (first son), Takayori KUKI (second son), Takamura KUKI (third son), Takasada KUKI (fourth son), Takamoto KUKI (fifth son), a daughter (a lawful wife of Naoyuki NAGAI, later a lawful wife of Nagatoshi ASAI), another daughter (a wife of Yorihisa SUWA [諏訪頼寿]), and another daughter (keishitsu [second wife] of Motoyasu HANABUSA). His adopted child was Takahide KUKI. He had the rank of Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), and assumed the positions of Bizen no kuni no kami (Governor of Bizen Province) and Osumi no kuni no kami (Governor of Osumi Province).

In 1712, he was adopted as the heir of Takanao KUKI, who was the former lord of the province. On February 24, 1713, he took over as the head of the family on his father's retirement. In 1715, he founded Shintokukan, which was a hanko (a domain school). During the Kyoho era, when the province suffered successive natural disasters, he introduced provincial reforms including issuance of a han bill (bills usable only in a particular feudal clan), a rice-tax delivery system, and imposition of goyokin (the money the Edo bakufu charged temporarily on farmers and merchants). On April 16, 1766, he transferred the head of the family to Takasada, who was his fourth son, and retired, and on June 19, 1786, he died at the age of 87. His hogo (a Buddhist name) was Kyuo Ryuzan Taigakuin.