Kyogoku Takanobu (京極高陳)

Takanobu KYOGOKU (1838 - May 13, 1893) was the 12th (the last) hereditary domain head of the Mineyama Domain in Tango Province.

Takanobu was the second son of Takanori KYOGOKU, who served as a kosho (shogun's page) retainer and a 500 koku allowance. His lawful wife was from the Sasada clan. Takanobu's court rank: Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade). He was governor of Bichu Province.
His nicknames were 'Uneme' and 'Ukon.'
Takanobu was born October 28, 1839.

March 5, 1868 Takanobu became the adoptive heir of Takatomi KYOGOKU, the 11th hereditary domain head of the Mineyama Domain and succeeded the family on July 17. On August 2, 1868 he was given the rank of Jugoinoge and appointed Governor of Bicchu Province. In July 31, 1869 Takanobu was appointed as Governor of the Mineyama Domain but, was dismissed on August 29, 1871 (due to the abolition of domains and creation of prefectures) and returned to Tokyo on November 10, 1871. On March 28, 1873 Takanobu offered to serve in the Department of the Navy and was attached to Navy Headquarters. On May 30, 1873 Takanobu was commissioned as a sub lieutenant in the navy. He retired on September 30, 1876. On July 9, 1881 his adopted heir status was dissolved (perhaps he returned to his biological family home?).

He passed away (age 56) on May 13, 1893 however, opinions differ on this point. The first volume of "Mineyama kyodoshi" (Mineyama local history) recorded the previous date of death and Antaizan Joryu-ji Temple in Yoshiwara, Mineyama-cho as the Gravesite, and the third volume of 'Sanbyakuhan hanshu jinmei jiten' (biographical dictionary of lords of three hundred domains) also recorded the same information. However, according to 'Heisei shinshu Kazoku kakei taisei' (The Peerage: New Heisei Edition), the individual who died on May 13, 1893 was Takachi KYOGOKU (domain lord 2 generations after Takanobu) and, Takanobu's year of death is not recorded.