Kuki Takasada (九鬼隆貞)

Takasada KUKI (1729 - January 6, 1781 (December 12, 1780 in old lunar calendar)) was the fifth lord of the Ayabe Domain, Tanba Province.

He was the fourth son of Takanobu KUKI, who was the fourth lord of the domain. His lawful wife was a daughter of Akimichi MANABE. Second wives were a daughter of Nobusuke ODA, and a daugther of Nagatsune OGASAWARA. His children include Takasato KUKI (the third son), and three daughters who each became a lawful wife of Takayoshi KUKI, a lawful wife of Mitsuhide SAITO, and a wife of Tanemasa NISHINOBO. He had two adopted children, Takaaki KUKI and Takayoshi KUKI. His official court rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade). Shikibu shoyu (Junior Assitant of the Ministry of Ceremonial).

He became the heir in 1752 as the eldest brother and a legitimate son, Takayasu KUKI, was disinherited. In 1766, he succeeded after his father's retirement. He died in January 6, 1781. He died at the age of 52.

There was Takasato, the third son and his biological child, when Takasada passed away. However the biological son was only born in the year of father's death, therefore Takasada's adopted son-in-law Takayoshi, who was the third son of Okitsugu TANUMA, took over as the head of family. Hogo (a Buddhist name): Ungaitakamatsutakaminein.