Kuki Takasato (九鬼隆郷)

Takasato KUKI (October30, 1780 - June 23, 1808) was the seventh lord of the Ayabe Domain, Tanba Province.

He was the third son (some theory tells he was the fifth son) of Takasada KUKI, the fifth lord of the domain. His lawful wife was a daughter of Murayasu DATE. His children include Takanori KUKI (the eldest son) and Takahiro KUKI (the second son), and a daughter (lawful wife of Katsuoki HIJIKATA). His official court rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), Shikibu shoyu (Junior Assitant of the Ministry of Ceremonial).

His father, Takasada, died soon after his birth. Therefore Takasato became an adoptive heir of the sixth lord of the domain, Takayoshi KUKI who was adopted by marrying to Takasato's older sister. In 1787, he took over as head of the family after his adoptive father, Takayoshi, died. However the reign was full of difficulties, as hantei (residence maintained by a daimyo) in Edo and Kyoto, and 300 houses at castle town were destructed by fire. In June 23, 1808 he died at age of 29, and the eldest son Takanori took over as head of the family.