Kyogoku Takatomi (京極高富)

Takatomi KYOGOKU (January 7, 1836 - February 9, 1889) was the 11th hereditary domain head of the Mineyama Domain in Tango Province.

He was the eldest son of Takakage KYOGOKU (10th lord of the domain). His lawful wife was the daughter of Nagakata INAGAKI. In the Meiji period he became a Viscount. His court rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade),the governor of Bicchu Province.

His childhood name was Keijiro. Takatomi succeeded his father as domain lord on Mar 30, 1849 upon the father's retirement. Became Oban Gashira (Captain of the Grand Guard) in February 1866. Subsequently held successive roles as Osaka Tamatsukuri Teiban (gatekeeper of Tamatsukuri-mon gate in Osaka-jo Castle) and gained merit through his participation in the Tenchugumi War and the Ikuno suppression. On February 21, 1866 he was called upon to serve as wakadoshiyori (a managerial position in Edo bakufu). For that reason, in 1868 he was seen on the shogun side during the Boshin War and was put under house arrest by order of the new government. On July 3, 1868 Takatomi was released from house arrest and immediately after on July 17 (citing chronic chest disease as his reason) he assigned his leadership of the domain to Takanobu KYOGOKU (his adopted heir) and retired. In 1881 Takatomi dissolved the adoptive heir arrangement with Takanobu and reassumed the role of domain lord.

On February 9, 1889 Takatomi died at age 55. He was succeeded as domain lord by his adopted heir Takachi KYOGOKU. Gravesite: Antaizan Joryu-ji Temple in Yoshiwara, Mineyama-cho, Tango City, Kyoto Prefecture.