Kyogoku Takatomo (京極高知)

Takatomo KYOGOKU (February 23, 1623 - April 4, 1674) was the second feudal lord of Mineyama Domain, Tango Province.

He was the first son of Takamichi KYOGOKU who was the first feudal lord of Mineyama Domain, Tango Province. His mother was a daughter of Takatomo KYOGOKU. His legal wife was a daughter of Tadaaki MATSUDAIRA. His first son was Takaaki KYOGOKU. His official rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) and the position was Shuzen no kami.

He was born in Edo (old name of Tokyo) on February 12, 1623. In 1665, his father died during he was in service at the Minakuchi-jo Castle in Omi Province, thus Takatomo took over as zaiban. He took over as head of the family on July 15, 1666. At that time, he divided the domain of Musashi Province and Omi Province for his younger brothers: 1,000 koku for Takamasa KYOGOKU and 500 koku for Takanari KYOGOKU. After that he kept serving as Mizuguchi zaiban and died in Edo on April 4, 1674. His age at death was 52. His first son, Takaaki took over the position.

His hogo (posthumous Buddhist name) was Joryuinnenyoshunzandoei (常立院然誉春山道栄).