Kyogoku Takatsune (京極高鎮)

Takatsune KYOGOKU (1810-July 29, 1834) was the ninth lord of Mineyama Domain of Tango Province.

He was the seventh son of Takamasa KYOGOKU, the seventh lord of the domain. He was the younger brother Takamasu KYOGOKU, the eighth lord of the domain. His official court rank is unknown.

His childhood name was Tomigoro. Atsukichi was another childhood name for him. Toranosuke was still another childhood name for him. Since his older brother and former lord of the domain, Takamasu, died without a child heir on January 14, 1834, Takatsune succeeded to Takamasu's position in the same year. Takatsune, however, died in Edo in the sixth month of his reign, on July 29, 1834. He died at the age of 25. Since he had no child of his own, his adopted son Takakage KYOGOKU succeeded to him.