Kyogoku Takayuki (京極高之)

Takayuki KYOGOKU (June 3, 1678 - March 8, 1723) was the forth hereditary domain head of the Mineyama Domain in Tango Province.

Takayuki KYOGOKU was the eldest son of Takaaki KYOGOKU (the 3rd hereditary domain head). Takayuki's mother was the daughter of Yorisada KUMAGAI.. His lawful wife was the adopted daughter of Yasuteru WAKIZAKA (daughter of Yasumura WAKIZAKA). His daughter was lawful wife of Takanaga KYOGOKU. His court rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade), Shuzen no Kami (head of Shuzengen).

He was born in Edo on June 3, 1678. On May 28, 1699 he succeeded from his father (when his father retired). At that time he allocated his younger brother Takashige KYOGOKU a stipend of 500 koku of rice. He was skillful with the brush and in particular and the painting he had drawn were reputed to hold magical powers. He died on 8 March 1723 at 46 years of age and was succeeded by adopted son-in-law Takanaga KYOGOKU.
Posthumous Buddhist name: Ryugenin Tenyozugan Dorin
Gravesite: Antaizan Joryu-ji Temple in Yoshiwara, Mineyama-cho, Tango City, Kyoto Prefecture.