Tamada no sukune (玉田宿禰)

Tamada no sukune (year of birth unknown - 416) was a member of local ruling family belonging to the Katsuragi clan in around the fifth century A.D.

According to "Nihonshoki" (Chronicles of Japan), although he had been ordered to guard the deceased Emperor Hanzei's body, Tamada no sukune did not appear at a place where the body was enshrined on August 23, 416 even though an earthquake (the first earthquake recorded in Japan) occurred. Although the Emperor Ingyo ordered Owari Muraji no Aso (Aso of Owari Muraji group) to investigate the case, Tamada no sukune killed Owari Muraji no Aso to cover up the case because he had held a drinking party on that day, and fled into the graveyard of TAKENOUCHI no Sukune. The Emperor Ingyo summoned Tamada no sukune, and when finding that Tamada no sukune was armed, the Emperor killed him.

The "Kojiki" (The Records of Ancient Matters) had no descriptions about Tamada no sukune.


His father or grandfather was KATSURAGI no Sotsuhiko (the Nihonshoki had both descriptions which were inconsistent, and the Kugyobunin (directory of court nobles) mentioned that KATSURAGI no Sotsuhiko was his father).

His son was KATSURAGI no Tsubura.
(source: Kugyobunin)