Reizei Tamehide (冷泉為秀)

Tamehide REIZEI (year of birth unknown - July 20, 1372) was a poet who lived from the late Kamakura period to the early Muromachi period. Although he was a kugyo (high court noble), he lived in Kamakura for a long time. He was a son of Tamesuke REIZEI and was a sibling of Tamenari REIZEI. His children were Tamekuni REIZEI and Tamemasa REIZEI (there has been a theory that Tamemasa was Tamekuni's son but adopted by Tamehide). His official position was Junii (Junior Second Rank) Chunagon (vice-councilor of state). His homyo (Buddhist name) was Shutaku and his pen name was Matsumine.