Reizei Tamemori (冷泉為守)

Tamamori Reizei (1265 - December 9, 1328) was a Kuge (a court noble) and a Kajin (a waka poet) lived in the late Kamakura period. He was a child of FUJIWARA no Tameie. His mother was Abutsuni. His posthumous Buddhist name was Gyougetsubo.

Although his official court rank was as high as Shogoinoge (Senior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade) chamberlain, he entered into the priesthood at the age around 40 and lived in east regions including Kamakura. He was a superior renga (linked verse)poet and formed a friendship with people including Sadatoki HOJO and Soseki MUSO.
According to a Japanese legend, he was described as the poet who composed a Kyoka (a comic poem) for the first time, thus, he was also known as 'the founder of kyoka.'