Chiba Tanetsuna (千葉胤綱)

Tanetsuna CHIBA (November 14, 1208 – July 1, 1228) was a busho (Japanese military commander) in the early Kamakura period. He was the 6th family head of the Chiba clan. He was a son of the 5th family head, Naritane CHIBA.

His common name was Chibanosuke. In 1218, he succeeded to his father and became the family head. In July, 1219, he distinguished himself in receiving FUJIWARA no Yoritsune as the 4th shogun from Kyoto and returning him safely to Kamakura. In 1221, during the Jokyu War, he moved along the Tokaido toward the west with Yasutoki HOJO, and distinguished himself. On July 8, 1228, he died young at the age of 21, and his younger brother, Tokitane CHIBA is said to have succeeded to him ("Azuma Kagami" [The Mirror of the East], "Chiba Taikeizu").

However, the 'Chibanosuke Daidai Gosenzo Shidai' written in a family register of deaths of Hondo-ji Temple has a record, '4th, Tanetsuna, 31 years old, July 8, 1228,' and there is also a problem of how a samurai as young as 14 years old could lead an army in the Jokyu War, and accordingly, there is another argument that he was born in 1198 adopting his age of death being 31, and that Tokitane and Yasutsuna CHIBA brohthers, who were indicated as children of Naritane (younger brother of Tanetsuna) in "Chiba Taikeizu," were biological children of Tanetsuna.

According to "Kokon chomon ju" (A collection of Tales Heard, Past and Present), when Yoshimura MIURA, who was dominating as an authority at that time, saw Tanetsuna, as a young man, take a seat for more valuable person than the one Yoshimura took in the room for samurais in the Shogun's palace and said sarcastictically, 'that dog from Shimousa Province would not know where to find a bed,' then Tanetsuna is said to have fought back saying 'that dog of the Miura family would eat a friend,' and criticized Yoshimura's betrayal at the Battle of Wada.