Harada Taneyori (原田種頼)

Taneyori HARADA (dates of birth and death unknown) was a person who lived in the middle of the 11th century, the mid Heian period, and he was the founder of Togo clan (Harada clan) that was born in Kawamura county, Hoki Province. His official rank was the Hoki no kami (the Governor of the Hoki Province) and his common name was Yoichi Tayu.

Taneyori originally belonged to the Harada clan which was the direct descendant of Okura clan and he had lived in the Chikuzen Province before he came to Hoki Province. Although the exact date is unknown, around the mid Heian period, Taneyori arrived at Hoki Province as a 'Gunji (the local magistrate)' of Kawamura Higashi, Hoki Province (the whole area of the present Yurihamacho), lived there and became a local lord. The descendants of Taneyori who lived in Hoki Province came to call themselves Togo by naming after the place name. How Taneyori came to arrive at the Hoki province as the Gunji, the local magistrate, and the date he arrived is unknown.

Note: Around the 13th century there lived a person with the same name of 'Taneyori HARADA' who belonged to the Harada clan of Chikuzen, but he is different from the person we introduced here.