Hojo Tokimasu (北条時益)

Tokimasu HOJO (date of birth unknown, died June 28, 1333) was the last Rokuhara Tandai (an administrative and judicial agent in Rokuhara, Kyoto) (Minamikata) (South) of the Kamakura bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun). He was the son of Tokiatsu HOJO, who belonged to the Hojo clan (Masamura school). He was a Sakon no shogen (Lieutenant of the Left Division of Inner Palace Guards).

He became Rokuhara Tandai Minamikata (Southern Chief of Rokuhara Tandai (an administrative and judicial agency in Rokuhara, Kyoto)) in 1330. In the Genko Incident of 1331, he took up arms with Nakatoki HOJO, who was serving as Rokuhara Tandai Kitakata (Northern Chief of Rokuhara Tandai). They attacked Emperor Godaigo and Masashige KUSUNOKI, who cloistered themselves in Mt. Kasagi (Kasagi Town, Soraku Country, Kyoto Prefecture), and exiled the emperor to Oki no shima Island after a fierce battle.

In 1333, Rokuhara was attacked by Takauji ASHIKAGA (the Ko clan), who took up arms at Emperor Godaigo's command. He tried to escape to Togoku (the eastern part of Japan, particularly, the Kanto region) with Nakatoki, Emperor Kogon, and Emperor Hanazono. However, along the way, he was attacked by a nobushi (unofficial warrior hidden in a forest) in Omi Province (Shiga Prefecture), and died in battle.