Adachi Tokimori (安達時盛)

Tokimori ADACHI was a gokenin (shogunal retainer) of the Kamakura bakufu in the mid Kamakura period. He belonged to a family of the Adachi clan and was a son of Yoshikage ADACHI. A younger brother of Yasumori ADACH.

In 1241, he was born as a son of Yoshikage ADACHI. Together with his olderbrother, Yasumori, he worked for the shogunate government, and when the regent Tokiyori HOJO died in 1263, he became a priest, calling himself Ronin (later Dokyo).

After the death of Tokiyori, together with his older brother, he worked for the shogunate government, and was appointed as a hyojoshu (a member of Council of State) in 1267. However, in October 1276, he suddenly entered Jufuku-ji Temple and lived in seclusion. For this reason, all of Tokimori's shoryo (territory) was confiscated by the bakufu. Furthermore, he was disowned by his older brother, Yasumori, and so it is presumed that perhaps some sort of political problem forced him into the seclusion.

On July 20, 1285, he died at Mt. Koya-san. His age at death was 45. It was five months before his older brother Yasumori died down due to the Shimotsuki Sodo (political change of Kamakura Bakufu).