Kusakabe Tomi (日下部遠江)

Tomi KUSAKABE (years of birth and death unknown) was a Hira-taishi (common soldier) of the Shinsengumi (literally, the newly selected corps, referring to a special police force for the Tokugawa regime).

Kai SHIMADA's "Eimei-roku" (literally, the list of heroes, referring to a list of Shinsengumi members) includes Tomi's name as coming from Settsu Province (which is also called Sesshu). Tomi is deemed to be a father or son, or a sibling of Shiro KUSAKABE. Tomi joined the Shinsengumi by responding to the recruitment taking place in Kyoto and Ozaka (present-day Osaka) in or before August or September, 1865, and retired until July, 1867.