Iwakura Tomokata (岩倉具賢)

Tomokata IWAKURA (1802 - June 25, 1818) was a retainer of the Imperial Court during the late Edo period. His biological father was Sadashige IMAKI. His mother was the daughter of Naruchika NAKAYAMA. His adoptive father was Tomoai IWAKURA. As half-brother and as an adopted child, he had Tomoyoshi IWAKURA (adoptive father of Tomomi IWAKURA, a meritorious vassal during the Meiji Restoration). His final court rank was Jugoinoge (Junior Fifth Rank, Lower Grade).

He was the legitimate son of a court noble family, the Iwakura family, and also was conferred peerage as Goi (Fifth Rank), but died when he was 17, before his father did. As the successor of Tomoai IWAKURA, Tomoyoshi IWAKURA, being adopted from the Ohara family as a child of Tomokata, inherited the family.