Makino Tomoko (マキノ智子)

Tomoko MAKINO (January 29, 1907 - October 20, 1984) was the Japanese actress. She was the fourth daughter of Shozo MAKINO known as 'The father of Japanese films,' and she started her career as a child actress in her father's film and became a star actress. Her real name was Emiko KATO (maiden name was Makino). Her former stage names were Teruko MAKINO (マキノ輝子), Tomoko MAKINO (牧野智子), Tomoko FUJINO (藤野智子), Teruko MAKINO (牧野輝子), Emiko MAKINO (マキノ恵美子) and Emiko MAKINO (マキノ笑子).

Biography and Personal Profile

She was born in Kyoto City on January 29, 1907. She had a brother one year younger than she, Masahiro MAKINO, who was a film director.

After she starred in with Ryunosuke TSUKIGATA, who had a wife and child, when she was 'Teruko Makino' (マキノ輝子), she committed adultery and ran off with him and had a daughter. Later, she married a star actor, Kunitaro SAWAMURA and gave birth to two sons, who later became actors named Hiroyuki NAGATO and Masahiko TSUGAWA (also known as Masahiko MAKINO).

She pursued her acting career even after the war, but she retired before long. She died at the age of 77 on October 20, 1984.

The Makino family

The actress, Sadako SAWAMURA, and the actor, Daisuke KATO, were her younger sister-in-law and brother-in-law, respectively.