Kutsuki Tomotsuna (朽木倫綱)

Tomotsuna KUTSUKI (1599 - September 20, 1662) was a hatamoto (direct retainer of the bakufu [Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun]), who lived during the early Edo period. He was the second son of Mototsuna KUTSUKI. His common name was Yogoro. His older brother was Nobutsuna KUTSUKI, and his younger brother was Tanetsuna KUTSUKI (the lord of Tsuchiura Domain). His children were the lawful wife of Sadafusa YURA and others.


He served Tadaoki HOSOKAWA, and he received 20 silver coins for the merit he achieved in Osaka no Eki (The Siege of Osaka). After Mototsuna's death, his inheritance property was divided into three parts, and Nobutsuna inherited a little more than 6,300 koku (about 1,136.5 cubic meters) crop yields, Tomotsuna a little more than 2,015 koku (about 363.5 cubic meters) crop yields, Tanetsuna succeeded a little more than 1,100 koku (about 198.4 cubic meters), respectively, and Tomotsuna became a hatamoto. He became a chief of guards, and in 1633 he took charge of Uji saicha shi (a messenger who carries a pot of new tea leaves picked in Uji) for the use of the Shogun family, with Morikatsu KAMIO, Michiyuki KONDO, and Masayoshi ANDO. His descendents persisted as a hatamoto with more than 3,010 koku (about 543 cubic meters) crop yield.