Maeda Toshimasa (前田利政)

Toshimasa MAEDA (1578 - August 18, 1633), a busho (Japanese military commander) who lived from the Azuchi Momoyama Period to the Edo period, was the second son of Toshiie MAEDA, the first lord of the Kaga Domain, and his mother was Hoshunin. His brothers were Toshinaga MAEDA, Toshitsune MAEDA and so on. His wife was Ujisato GAMO's daughter or adopted daughter. He had a child named Naoyuki MAEDA. His childhood name was Matawakamaru. His common name was Magoshiro. His official court rank was jiju (a chamberlain), Noto no kami (the governor of Noto Province).

He was born in Arako-jo Castle of Owari Province (now Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture). He was supposed to be adopted by Narimasa SASSA but it was not fulfilled and a explanation for this was that they had a falling out with the Sassa family. In 1593, he became the lord of Nanao-jo Castle in Noto Province and in 1599 became a daimyo (Japanese feudal lord) after he was given a territory in Noto Province by his father, Toshiie. In the same year, he became a Tsumebanshu (guard of Shogun) of Osaka-jo Castle. After Toshiie died, when Mitsunari ISHIDA, one of Gobugyo (five major magistrates), backed Terumoto MORI up as their supreme commander and raised an army in 1600 against Ieyasu TOKUGAWA, who was one of Gotairo (Council of Five Elders), he and his elder brother Toshinaga belonged to the East squad and on their way to Sekigahara they caved Munenaga YAMAGUCHI, who was on the part of the West squad, in Daishoji-jo Castle in Hokuriku region. However, they turned back to Kanazawa on the way. One theory says it was plotted by the side of Yoshitsugu OTANI, the lord of Tsuruga-jo Castle. Owing to this, they were not in time for the battle. When Toshinaga departed for the front again after returning to Kanazawa-jo Castle, Toshimasa didn't make a move. The reason for this is thought to be whether his wife was taken hostage by Mitsunari, or he was on the side of Toyotomi from the beginning, or it was a measure to keep their family name of Maeda clan when either side was defeated. However, considering that he declined like below when he was offered a position of a feudal lord of 100,000-koku class for his having been neutral during the Osaka no Jin (the Siege of Osaka), his act might as well be regarded as the one from allegiance to the Toyotomi family.
I did it not because I felt loyalty to the Kanto side (Tokugawa).'

After the battle Toshimasa had his territory in Noto confiscated and it was given to his elder brother because the West squad was defeated. After that, he went into seclusion in Saga, Kyoto and called himself 'Soetsu'. It is believed that he was associated with Koetsu HONAMI. At Osaka no Eki (The Siege of Osaka), which started in 1614, he was fingered by both camps, but he remained neutral. After the battle, Ieyasu liked it that Toshimasa had rejected the call from the West squad and offered him feudal lord of 100,000-koku class. But Toshimasa declined the offer from Ieyasu saying as follows. I just didn't want be under the command of Harunaga ONO and that wasn't the act from the loyalty to Kanto side (Tokugawa). In 1633 he died in a house of Yoichi SUMINOKURA, a merchant who lived in Kyoto. In addition, his daughter married into the Suminokura family. Died at the age of 55.

His tomb is in Daitoku-ji Temple in Kita Ward, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture.