Bojo Toshimata (坊城俊完)

Toshimata BOJO (Dec. 23, 1609 – Feb. 20, 1662) was a court noble in the Edo Period.

He was the 11th head of the Bojo family (lineage can be traced to Kajuji branch family of the Takafuji group of the Northern House of the Fujiwara clan) who were tosho-ke (the hereditary lineage of Court nobles occupying relatively high ranks).

He was the second son of the Sangi, Toshimasa BOJO. His mother was the daughter of Bungo no kami (governor of Bungo Province) Shigemasa MATSUKURA. His lawful wife was the daughter of Moku no kami (chief of Bureau of Carpentry) Tomotaka IWAKURA (founder of the Iwakura family). His second wife was the daughter of the Governor of Yamato Province, Naonaga ODA (head of Yanagimoto Domain). Biological children include Gon Dainagon (provisional major counselor) Toshihiro BOJO.

He first became Gon chunagon Yorinobu HAMURO's foster child and was called Yoritoyo HAMURO.

In 1616, the 10th head of the Bojo family, Toshinao Bojo (later Gon dainagon, Tsunehiro KAJUJI) became Uhyoe no suke (assistant captain of the Right Division of Middle Palace Guards) Noritoyo KAJUJI's foster child and inherited the Kajuji family. Therefore Yoritoyo HAMURO returned to his original family and was called Toshimata BOJO.

He became Sangi on May 2, 1632. He eventually reached Shonii (Senior Second Rank) Gon dainagon.

On Aug. 20, 1657, he became a monk and was called Joku.