Ijuin Toshitada (伊集院俊忠)

Toshitada IJUIN (year of birth and death unknown) was a person born in Satsuma Province and lived during the mid Kamakura period. He was a member of Satsuma Shimazu clan and the fist family head of the Ijuin clan. His official rank was Jijubo (Imperial Household Agency staff). Hisakane IJUIN, the second, was his son.

He was the fourth son of Tadatsune SHIMAZU, who was the seventh son of Tadatoki SHIMAZU, the second generation of Satsuma shugo (the military governor of Satsuma Province) Shimazu family. When he became Jitoshiki (manager and lord of manor) of Ijuin (Hioki Country, Satsuma Province), he changed his domicile to Ijuin. It is said that his home castle was originally an old castle that Toshitada repaired when it was given to him by the Shimazu family.
According to one theory, his family began using the name 'Ijuin,' when his son Hisakane IJUIN took the family reign, and it is said that Toshitada himself was using the family name 'Shimazu.'