Ibaraki Tsukasa (茨木司)

Tsukasa IBRAKI (year of birth unknown - July 15, 1867) was a member of Shinsengumi (a group who guarded Kyoto during the end of Tokugawa Shogunate) from Aizu domain. His imina (personal name) was Nobutada.

It is said that he joined Shinsengumi in 1865.

He had a strong thought of Sonno Joi (reverence for the Emperor and the expulsion of foreigners) and wanted to join Goryo-eji (guards of Imperial mausoleums) led by Kashitaro ITO and others formed in April 1867, but he remained because Isami KONDO did not want to lost his talent. However, it is said that he was asked by Ito to be a Kanja (spy) of Shinsengumi.

When Shinsengumi's promotion to Shogun's retainer was determined in July of the year, he revolted and protested to the house of Kyoto shugoshoku (Military governor of Kyoto) in Aizu domain, but was not accepted and committed suicide on the spot with Shimenosuke SANO, Goro NAKAMURA, Juro TOMIKAWA, and so on.